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Meet the Staff



Casey Melchionno 

Founder / Owner

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Casey Melchionno grew up rich with baseball tradition.  He spent most of his childhood playing organized baseball and collecting trading cards.  He was considered a very talented centerfielder and went on to play baseball for Salem State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.


Growing up in a city filled with sports history and a strong passion for baseball in general, it was only natural for Casey to develop an interest for vintage memorabilia.  While his friends and peers were chasing the modern players, Casey always had a fascination for baseball history.  He began collecting autographs of Hall of Famers such as: Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams Joe DiMaggio, etc. which quickly turned to an all-consuming obsession.  Soon after completing his bachelor's degree, Casey decided to follow his passion for autographs which eventually led to his future career and the launch of Casey At Bat Collectibles.


Since founding CAB-Collectibles in 2009, Casey has procured some of the industry’s rarest and most cherished autographs while establishing a reputation of honesty, integrity and fair dealing.  As a result of his hard work and dedication, CABC has quickly emerged as one of the premier sources of vintage baseball autographs in the entire industry.